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Latest Coronavirus Update

Updated: December 2021

We understand that there are growing concerns amongst staff and learners about the increase in positive Covid results across Dorset. As an education provider, we are following the Department for Education (DfE) guidelines and the local authority and Public Health England guidance. Face-to-face teaching is still required by the DfE,and we believe this is the best learning experience for most of our learners and that continuing to learn during these challenging times is positive for wellbeing and for future progression.


What are we doing?

•The Councils and Skills &Learning are supporting the vaccination programme.
•Our learner behaviour policy safeguards learners againstcoercion,extreme views,and misinformation. We will respond to harassment or bullying about vaccinations or safety measures accordingly.
•Mandating face coverings in public areas.
•Asking classes to agree whether to wear face coverings in class so they do what feels right for them.
•Moving classes online temporarily where we have agreement from all parties that learning will not be disrupted.
•Continuing withan enhanced cleaning regime and ensuring venues are ventilated as much as possible.


What should you do?

•Fact check information from others against reliable and valid sources. We are aware that some extremist groups are using anti-vaccination propaganda to try and radicalise others.
•Undertake Lateral Flow Device (LFD) testing on the day you are due to attend one of our learning centres and donot attend if you have a positive LFD or PCR result.
•Do not attend any face-to-face classes if you have any Covid-19 symptoms.
•Wear face coverings in the communal areas of our learning centres and on any public transport journeys into our learning centres,unless exempt.
•Please advise us if you receive a positive test result and have been in any of our centres within the previous 7 days of this result.


We will continue to monitor the national, local and DfE guidance closely andunless national guidance changes, we will be returning to scheduled learning after the Christmas break as planned.

Are you concerned covid-19 will impact your learning?

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