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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I haven’t received a copy of your brochure, how do I get one?

An electronic version of our brochure is available on our website here or you can contact us to request a printed copy.

How do I send copies of information you’ve requested regarding my entitlement and eligibility? eg income

Most of our online forms can be found here. For other forms and declarations, please contact us.

Have you received my application?

You should receive an automatic email within 24 hours to confirm that your application has been received.  Please check your junk mail or spam folder as well as your inbox.  An email will also be sent if we need you to complete a further assessment or if we require any further information.

When will I hear if my application has been successful?

We aim to be in touch within 14 days.  Please check your junk mail or spam folder as well as your inbox. 

I’ve done a course with you before, do I still need to apply?

Yes, you need to apply for each course separately. Where we hold existing details, we will not need to ask you for those again. Once you create an online account you will not need to input your details again.

I’ve tried to complete an application, but I’ve received an error message about a duplicate record. What do I need to do?

Please contact us and we will get this resolved as quickly as possible so that you can complete your application.

I’m not very confident using a computer, do you accept paper applications?

Yes, if you need any assistance with your application please contact us. Please note you could be expected to use a computer as part of your course. Click here to search for computer courses.

How do I access Office 365 from Home?

Please read our guide here, or watch this video:

Am I entitled to a refund?

Our terms & conditions are available here.

Can I get help with fees?

Yes, depending on your circumstances full or partial funding may be available. If fees are applicable, then you may be entitled to a concessionary discount click here for more information. We can also help with other costs such as travel. Please see our finance page for more information.

How do I reset my WebEnrol password?


Step 1: Please click here to go to the WebEnrol sign in page.
Step 2: Please select the blue ‘Forgot password’ option on the sign in page and enter your registered contact email address.

Note: Your registered contact email address is the personal email address that you provided when you enrolled on your course.

Step 3: Soon after you will receive an email with a password reset link. If you do not receive this email soon after your request has been made, please check your email spam or junk folder.

If you have still not received this passcode, please contact us by: · email: · or telephone: 01202 123444

Step 4: Click on the link in the email that says ‘CLICK HERE’ and you will be directed back to WebEnrol and asked to enter and then confirm your new password.

Step 6: When choosing your new password, you will be prompted to meet all 5 of our password setting criteria. This is to help keep your account and personal details safe. If you do not meet all 5 of these criteria, you will not be able to save your new password. As you meet each criteria the circles will change from grey to green.

How do I complete a learning agreement?


Step 1: Please click here to go to the WebEnrol sign in page and use your registered contact email address and password to sign in.

Note: Your registered contact email address is your personal email address and not your free Skills & Learning Office 365 account ending in ‘’ If you cannot sign in, please see our guide on resetting your password.

Step 2: Once you have successfully signed in you will now see a list of your most recent course enrolments. Please look for any of your course enrolments that have this blue request next to them: ‘Click here for documents related to this enrolment.’
Step 3: Next you will see a request to ‘click here to electronically sign this Learning Agreement.’ Please follow this instruction to be taken to your Learning Agreement.
Step 4: Now that you have reached your Learning Agreement, please carefully check your personal details and provide any necessary updates and fill in any missing gaps. Please note that there are personal information questions that you cannot change by yourself. You will need to contact us to make these changes for you before continuing with your Learning Agreement. Please do so either by: · email: · or telephone: 01202 123444
Step 5: If you have not lived in the UK for the last three years and/or you are not a UK national, you will need to also complete our Learner Residency Declaration form by clicking on the blue link. You do not need to complete this form again if you have already done this.


Step 6: The red asterisk (*) next to a question means that it is a required question and you will not be able to sign your Learning Agreement without answering that question.

Please make sure to tick the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and ‘Privacy Notice’ boxes when you have read these policies. It is easy to miss these boxes..

Step 7: If you have made any changes or have filled in any missing information you will need to click on the button that says ‘update my details’ before continuing.
Step 8: When you have updated your details and completed all of the questions, please click on the button that says, ‘I confirm the above information is correct and wish to sign this learning agreement now.’
Step 9: A signature box will appear for you to sign. You can use your full signature, initials, or any marking of your choice to sign this Learning Agreement. When using this box use the ‘confirm learning agreement signature’ button when you have signed and wish to finish your Learning Agreement.
Step 10: You will know that your learning agreement is complete when you see this thank you message. Please return to your account page if you have more than one Learning Agreement to sign. You will need to sign a Learning Agreement for each course that you are attending with Skills & Learning.




Any other questions? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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