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At Skills & Learning we are proactively working to make a positive difference to reduce the impact of climate change locally and help Dorset communities understand sustainability and how they can make small changes to make a real difference to our environment, health and wellbeing.

As part of the two Local Authorities, we are embedding the action points of the local Climate Action Plans into our working and have produced our own targeted Sustainability Action Plan to tackle the climate crisis. For more information about BCP Council and Dorset Council’s response to the climate and ecological emergency, visit their websites.

Skills and Learning have already signed up to support and participate in the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development and we are already working to embed sustainable practices into all our work, teaching and learning provision and we hope that you will come with us on this journey.

Reduced Printing

Not only have we cut down on printing and invested in cloud technology, we have also cut down on our print marketing. We now print fewer brochures and use targeted distribution to ensure it goes where is needed most.

Teaching & Learning

Wherever possible, we have embedded sustainability in our teaching. Our tutors have added real life examples and new ideas to their lesson plans to incorporate the environment and teach sustainable ways of life.


Our IT team have been working hard to upgrade our hardware to be more energy efficient. Where possible, we have also been recycling our old hardware in order to help reuse and recycle resources.

Upgrading Centres

Slowly but surely, we are upgrading our facilities to be more sustainable. Our biggest project for this is the move to The Dolphin Shopping Centre, where facilities are more energy efficient and have less impact than the Oakdale Centre.

Digital Documents

We’ve moved more forms and paperwork online than ever. Not only do digital documents work more efficiently, but it has also reduced the amount of paper we use and physical space we need to store and file it.

Pool Car

Since we invested in our pool car, we have been able to allow more staff to use it. Car sharing allows us to reduce emissions, cut down the number of cars on the road and also save on petrol usage.

Microsoft Teams

Since we began using Teams, we have integrated it more and more into our operations and daily business. Meetings, lessons and communications are now held online more than ever, saving travel emissions and resources.

Digital Mentors

The transition to remote working and learning was not simple for some. We worked with digital mentors to help even more of our learners and staff work remotely to increase the amount of emissions and resources saved.

Green Salon

From September 2022, we will be using a specialist recycling service to take away and re-use, re-purpose or recycle all of our hair and beauty salon waste.

Working towards greener adult education

We are constantly looking for ways to be more sustainable and work towards having as minimal carbon emissions as possible in our services. Check back for updates regarding new progression and work towards this.

If you have any ideas or want to propose any ways we can be more sustainable contact us today.

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