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Variable Hours Tutor

Job Description

Hourly pay rates: from £13.44 – £22.39 depending on level of qualification and activity

Purpose of position: To support learners to identify and achieve their personal learning goals by providing a high quality, enjoyable learning experience.

Key areas of responsibility: Teaching, supporting and assessing learners, course management, communication, registration of learners for exams and own continuing professional development.

1 Inspire, motivate and raise aspirations of learners through your enthusiasm and knowledge to promote achievement and develop skills to enable progression
2 Support learners to become responsible members of the group and of Skills and Learning through a thorough induction and good ongoing behaviour management
3 Foster and maintain a positive learning environment in which all learners feel safe, valued and respected
4 Value and promote social and cultural diversity, equality of opportunity and inclusion
5 Ensure learners receive information and advice throughout the course about:
5.1 the most suitable learning aims
5.2 what they can do next, through signposting to Skills and Learning’s website
5.3 where to go for more in-depth careers and employment guidance
6 Plan and deliver each session to motivate and challenge all learners, using a variety of activities and resources relevant to the course and individual learner’s needs, interests and abilities
7 Support learners to make good progress in their chosen subject, English, maths and technology by establishing their starting points, using this information to agree and record targets and goals, and in the creative planning of sessions
8 Assess learner progress regularly, give frequent, constructive and encouraging verbal and written feedback, and maintain records of assessment and progress
9 Use technology to engage and motivate learners, improve the learning experience and develop independent and collaborative learning skills, both in the classroom and between sessions
10 Direct support staff and jointly plan to ensure the effective support of learners to make good progress and develop independence skills
11 Be available to deliver all sessions designated in the agreed Schedule/s of work, in accordance with the conditions outlined in your contract of employment
12 Ensure records of planning, initial and on-going assessment of learner progress, risk assessment of activities and for individual learners (where relevant) are available in each session
13 Assist with the development of accurate information for customers about programmes to be delivered
14 Ensure accurate and timely administration of the course, in line with current procedures including:
14.1 Recording of learner attendance, absence, including reasons if known
14.2 Completion and return of learning agreements
14.3 Recording and communicating progress and achievement
14.4 Registration/entry for external assessments/exams
14.5 Recording and communicating information on learner progression onto further learning, work or volunteering to the data team
15 Demonstrate commitment to continuous improvement and team working through:
15.1 Commitment to the sector’s Professional Standards – Professional values and attributes, professional knowledge and understanding, and professional skills,
15.2 Reflecting on the effectiveness of sessions and programmes
15.3 Continuing Professional Development including higher teaching qualifications, mandatory and other training
15.4 Participation in service, team and network meetings
15.5 Active participation in annual appraisal and development plan
15.6 Working in collaboration with colleagues to bring about Service improvements
16 Maintain high professional standards with learners and colleagues, acting as an ambassador for Skills and Learning and the Councils
17 Ensure all communication is professional and timely
18 Maintain up-to-date knowledge of the expectations of Ofsted, and subject knowledge and expertise that reflects best practice in the field or sector
19 Undertake such other duties as may be required from time to time commensurate with the level of the post.
20 Promote and uphold the principles, policies and standing orders of Skills&Learning, the Councils and all relevant statutory requirements, including the Equality Act, the Health and Safety at Work Act, Data Protection Act and Safeguarding, including Prevent

Person specification

Attributes & CriteriaEssential/Desirable?Method of Assessment
• A minimum of 20 hours relevant teaching/ training experience at the appropriate level
• Relevant occupational competence where appropriate
EssentialApplication Form
Micro teach
• Level 2 English and Maths qualifications
• Minimum of the Level 3 Award in Education and Training, or equivalent
• Have or be working towards Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training or Level 5 Diploma in Education or Training, or equivalent, depending on teaching role
• A professional qualification in the subject area (if available) at least one level higher than the course to be taught. Occupational competence may be considered
EssentialApplication Form
Micro teach
Aptitudes and abilities:
• Possess the professional skills to manage learner progress and achievement
• Be effective in the management of time, teaching strategies, and the use of resources
• Have the ability to critically evaluate own performance
EssentialApplication Form
• Up to date knowledge and competence at a level consistent with effective teaching and assessment of the course
• A good understanding of and commitment to Health and Safety, Equality and Diversity Safeguarding and Counterterrorism legislation as it applies to teaching and learning
• Competent in the use of ICT to support teaching, learning, assessment and communication
EssentialApplication Form
Micro teach
• Willingness to undertake appropriate professional training in line with current service requirements
• A sound educational philosophy which recognises the value of education for all learners and its contribution to an individual’s life chances
• Positive attitude to promoting equality and respecting diversity
• Demonstrate a commitment to the safety of learners, including Safeguarding and Prevent
EssentialApplication Form
Other factors:
• Be available for day time and/or evening work
• Ability to travel safely to a variety of venues across the County
• Provision of referee and Disclosure and Barring Service information, in line with service requirements
EssentialApplication Form

Context Statement

Organisation structure

The post holder will join a teaching and learning team of some 200 staff. Teaching and learning staff prepare, deliver and evaluate courses. The significant majority of the team are part-time and report to, and are supported by, a designate Assistant Curriculum Manager or Business & Outreach Officer.

Service Information

The service* is the joint adult learning service for Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole which is part of the Culture and Community Learning Service of the Borough of Poole. It is one of the largest providers of part-time learning opportunities in Dorset, offering a wide range of vocational and non-vocational subjects across a broad curriculum to individuals and groups aged 16 and over, and to businesses.

The learning offer is responsive to local and national priorities, offering the post-16 population opportunities to up skill, gain qualifications and participate in learning activities to maintain health and well-being. Learning opportunities are primarily delivered in seven learning centres in Dorset (Boscombe, Blandford, Christchurch, Dorchester, Ferndown, Oakdale, Weymouth) and in a range of other external venues including schools, community centres and in the work place.

The service contributes to each council’s agendas for improving the life chances for children and young people, helping vulnerable adults to maintain independent living, improving health and well-being, community safety, cohesion and strengthening Dorset’s economy. The Service works with a range of internal and external partner organisations to widen participation in learning.

Context of the work

‘Tutor’ covers all aspects of teaching, learning and assessment.

The purpose of the role is to enable learners to determine and achieve their learning goals through the provision of effective teaching, learning and assessment which develops learners’ personal, social and employability skills. This includes preparation, delivery and marking/assessment and development and management of all supporting documentation and learner records. Provision is delivered in a range of venues, eg Adult Learning premises, libraries, village halls, schools, children’s centres, community centres, employers’ premises.
The postholder will be responsible for business development and improvement activities to achieve service outcomes.

Supervision and management

Classroom management of learners (and Carers)
Supervision of Learning Support Staff and/or volunteers.

Contact and relationships

Dealing with a range of complex and contentious matters requiring support, persuasion, advocacy and sensitivity, within the application of operational guidelines. The outcome will have significant implications, including care, for the contact or the service.
Responsive to learners individual needs.
Co-ordination of additional learning support staff.
Provision of information, advice and guidance to learners based on a knowledge of subject area and services available.

Decisions and consequences

Decisions which lead to the setting of working standards in the provision of operational services and/or decisions leading to changes in important procedures or service practice.
Decisions which have significant implications for the service or significant effects on employees or other individuals or other organisations.


Responsibility for use and safekeeping of furniture, fixtures, fitting and small equipment including Audio Visual Aids
Responsible for the use of teaching resources.

Work demands

Work subject to deadlines involving frequently changing circumstances and conflicting priorities.
Learners of different abilities require differentiation of teaching and learning activities.
Learners may have learning difficulties and disabilities. Teaching, learning and assessment may require co-ordination of additional learning support.
Potential for changing circumstances or demands and the role holder will be required to manage tasks in accordance with this.

Other information

Information will be given at interview regarding annual leave entitlement.

Work offered will be within a reasonable distance from the postholder’s home.

Postholders may be required to taking responsibility for unlocking and locking teaching venues.

Postholders are required to have a flexible work pattern to ensure that Service needs at peak times are met and to enable day-to-day communication with learners, contacts, partners and other stakeholders. The deployment of hours may include some Saturday and evening working.

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