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“S&L facilitated selecting our apprentice & have been very professional with their ongoing support.”

Apprentice Employer


Business Administrators – To help manage the everyday operations of your organisation.

Customer Service Practitioners – To deliver high quality service to your customers.

Team Leader/Supervisors – To develop the skills to take their first steps into line management of a team or project.

Teaching Assistants – To assist your teaching staff with the management of a class and support the delivery of activities.

Early Years Educator – To support children in their development.

“Having an apprentice at our school was a great benefit. It enabled us to share our skills and give people an opportunity to gain qualifications through real experience.”

Apprentice Employer

I want to Employ an Apprentice

Want to know more about how an apprentice can benefit your business?

Skills & Learning offer a bespoke service for both employers and apprentices across the whole of Dorset. Our established and experienced team of assessor trainers and apprenticeship tutors ensure that you will get the very best out of the apprenticeship training provided.

Skills & Learning work directly with employers to ensure that the needs of the apprentice, line manager and the business are met. Our apprenticeship offer responds directly to employers’ needs, ensuring the development of both new and existing employees.

I want to be an Apprentice

 Want to earn and learn? An apprenticeship could be for YOU!

Apprenticeships are a unique opportunity to achieve professional qualifications whilst earning money and gaining real work experience.

Anyone aged 16 or over can start an apprenticeship and we will work with the employer to ensure that the qualification level matches the job role. Skills & Learning offer apprenticeships at Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 and Level 5.

“So today marks the start of my apprenticeship. Yes, I know, I’m 39 years old but I’m now studying towards a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management. I am super pumped to be studying a subject I have a real passion for.”