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5 Ways to Wellbeing – Connect


We are all in this together, everything we are experiencing is new, new ways of living and behaving.  Everyone feels different things now because our way of living has changed and in response to this we may have changed.  

The way we see the world and taking time to notice. To see and hear how spring is happening outside our window. Noticing the same cycle of night following day and spring following winter makes us feel secure and part of the cycle of nature. What we think of as important now, what we value and appreciate now may have changed.  

So take time today to connect with yourself, check in with yourself.  Ask yourself how you are feeling today and what you need to give yourself today to feel good.

Connecting with ourselves allows us to recognise our strengths and qualities and our resilience in the face of change. 

Connecting with ourselves allows us to meet our own needs and take care of ourselves.

Connecting with ourselves provides us with hope that we can know ourselves and be clear about the goals and dreams we want to achieve.

Connecting with ourselves enables us to build up ideas about what and who we love.

Connecting with ourselves gives us a voice to express ourselves and know what we want.

In Connecting with ourselves we recognise that we don’t have to go it alone, we are surrounded with people who are on the same journey, we can support them and they can support us.

So connect with yourself today so that you can reach out to others and they can reach out to you and feel the warmth of human kindness.