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5 Ways to Wellbeing – Giving

Welcome to a new day everyone.

One of the 5 ways to welbeing suggests that GIVING is a really important way to feel good about ourselves, every time we GIVE something to someone else we get a little hit of a feel good hormone and we feel better about ourselves and our lives.  But many of us right now,  might be thinking and feeling that we have nothing to GIVE.

”If we don’t have it, how can we give it ”  

The uncertainty of these times may mean that many of us are suffering from stress on a scale of moderate to extremely anxious and the last thing we feel like doing right now is GIVING. It makes sense to feel anxious and cautious, but  by noticing how we are feeling and thinking and GIVING  ourselves time to accept and notice these thoughts and feeling is the first step in addressing our stress.  

Today let’s all GIVE ourselves a break. GIVE ourselves what we need to feel well today, make time for ourselves.  GIVE ourselves the gift of kindness and compassion today.  Treat yourself like the very valued person that you are, encourage yourself with kind words and be respectful and considerate to yourself.

Today, GIVE yourself the gift of connecting with someone you love and respect, write them an email, phone them, connect. GIVING ourselves the gift of social support is really important for our recovery during times of stress.

Today, GIVE your self the gift of laughter, watch or listen to a funny film, series or podcast, notice how good laughter makes you feel.

Today, GIVE yourself the gift of celebrating YOU. Your best qualities, unique talents and abilities. Be supportive and gentle with yourself today.

GIVING to ourselves helps us all to develop confidence in our strengths and abilities and helps us to cope better and overcome the challenges we face.

So lets start today by GIVING ourselves a well earned hug, wrap your arms around yourself and GIVE yourself all the warmth and comfort you deserve.