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Adult Learners study GCSE Psychology for life skills and employment

We visited one of our GCSE Psychology classes in Christchurch on Monday to catch up with some of the learners to see how they are getting on and ask about their experience learning with Skills & Learning. 

Our GCSE psychology course explores the processes of the human mind, looking closely at the ways people interact, communicate and process information as well as supporting learners in developing the critical analysis and research skills. We asked 3 learners to share their experiences with us:  

Firstly, we spoke to Carla. Carla has always had a passion for psychology and a desire to change her career path. She was inspired to study a GCSE Psychology course and a Level 2 Counselling course when she received a Skills & Learning brochure.   

Every Monday, Carla makes the journey from her home in Bournemouth to Christchurch to attend her classes, which are taught by tutor, Emma. When talking about the class Carla said:  

“Emma is a great tutor; the class is very fast paced, and we study a lot of interesting topics! I really enjoyed studying the idea of illusions and the theory behind it.”  

Carla is a single parent who works as a cleaner in a school, making it difficult to find time for her studies. The course is in the daytime, which means it works with her children attending school, and she always makes time for her homework on Tuesdays and Thursdays before working in the evenings.  

She is studying both GCSE Psychology and Level 2 Counselling with the goal of supporting and improving the lives of victims of domestic violence after having experienced it herself.  

“Studying has opened doors to many different opportunities for me! After the course I would like to work with victims of domestic violence, after being in that situation myself. Doing a GCSE Psychology course is leading me towards that…I don’t have a set goal, but I definitely want to do something with Psychology in the future.”  

GCSEs are level 2 qualifications which give you a great insight and skill set. These are great to have on your CV to help with future employment opportunities, or further study such as A-Levels or University.  

When asked about their experience another learner Liz said:

“I’ve always wanted to do this course. Psychology wasn’t an option when I was at school, and it is now! I first studied Introduction to Psychology with Emma and took the course twice because I loved it so much! This GCSE course is brilliant and perfect for me because I can study when the kids are at school…my favourite topic we’ve studied so far is social psychology. I recommend this class to everyone!”  

We also asked our tutor Emma for a bit of insight into the course and advice to anyone thinking of studying the subject, she said…  

“Psychology is fascinating as it’s all about people – about how people think and why people behave the way they do. We look at a really wide variety of topics, from memory to depression and lots of famous studies. The class is lovely and friendly, so I’d encourage anyone who is interested to have a go. “ 

Thank you to everyone in the class for sharing their experience, we can’t wait to see what you do next! Good luck with your GCSE exams.  

If you would like to study Psychology, click here to view our latest courses. Join an Introductory course today or sign up for GCSE Psychology!