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Building Confidence with Numbers: Meet the Newest Members of the Multiply Team!

We’re delighted to welcome two new members to the Skills & Learning Multiply team!

Firstly, we’d like to introduce our newest tutor, Kellie Bird. Kellie brings a wealth of experience, she originally trained as a Biomedical Scientist and worked at Bournemouth Hospital before finding her ‘calling’ as a teacher supporting children with diverse learning needs.

Kellie is passionate about making numeracy skills fun and inclusive for adult learners, and she’s excited to offer workshops like “Brain Training” and “How Maths Can Save the World” (linked to sustainability!).

She said: “I am so excited to be working with Multiply supporting adult Functional Skills Maths learners here in Dorset. I will also hopefully be running workshops such as Brain Training and How Maths Can Save the World and supporting groups of parents to feel confident with the numeracy skills their children use at school. I want all my learners to enjoy their sessions and to achieve their goals in a fun and inclusive setting.”

Next, we’d like to introduce our amazing volunteer classroom assistant, David. David retired from a career in design engineering and decided to dedicate his time to helping others build confidence with maths. He finds it incredibly rewarding to see learners flourish in the supportive environment fostered by tutor Jo.

He said:

“Jo the tutor is brilliant – a real hero – and it is a pleasure to act as her assistant in any way she needs me. This mainly involves sitting alongside people and helping them as and when they need it during the sessions. There is a lot of friendly chatter in our class, as well as lots of maths!”

“I’ve met some lovely people in this role who, through no fault of their own have struggled with maths. It’s hugely rewarding to see them flourishing with their numeracy.

“I really enjoy being a Multiply volunteer and would highly recommend becoming one.”

Kellie (left) and David (right)

We are so grateful to have both Kellie and David on board at Skills & Learning as part of the Multiply team! Their dedication and enthusiasm are sure to inspire our learners on their numeracy journey.

To find out about Multiply classes near you, or for more information about working with the Multiply team – click here