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Free Adult Learning Helps Dean Secure New Job

Dean enrolled on a Search and Apply course as he wanted to improve his skills, help him find work and improve his CV. He wanted to gain confidence too. Search and Apply is an employability course designed to help adults learn the most effective ways to search for and apply for new roles, and is ideal for any adult looking to get back in to work after a break, or to take their first steps into the workplace.  

He studied in Poole Adult Learning Centre with Helen, the Employability Tutor and Tiphaine the LSA. He said “They helped with my CV. The links I had been sent for confidence building supported me with the interview that got me the job, but also the support I got from Helen and Tiphaine, with encouragement and motivation.  They were easy to talk to, which help build my confidence and communication skills.” 

Search and Apply learners take part in a 7 week course, learning about different job search tools including speculatively approaching employers and Social Media. They also learnt important skills to use when applying for jobs, as well as ways to update their CV and local Labour Market Information. 

This can feel like a very difficult task, especially in a climate where most employers don’t give feedback after job interviews or applications. Having the education, support and confidence from this course can help adults understand how to improve their techniques and reach their goals.  

Dean said “the best thing I found with this course and getting the job was the support I got to update my CV to make it look more professional. The learning has definitely helped with my confidence, and with the CV, I am now better at speaking in a group using my communication skills and this also helped me in my interview. ” 

Our team are very proud to hear that Dean used his new skills to find, and be offered, his new job as a Retail Assistant at The Works. 

Tutor Helen said ‘Throughout the programme, it has been great to see Dean’s confidence develop especially in the way he communicates and interacts with the rest of the learners. This is what has enabled him to deliver a great interview and be offered the role at The Works’

Employability and Progression Officer, Nicky, said – “I am so pleased that we are starting to see results from this new course. Helen and Tiphaine have worked tirelessly to support the learners and it’s great that Dean has found employment so quickly. Our next employability course is Pathways, and it starts in Poole on 21st March.” 

Our Developing Work Skills courses could help you find sustainable employment. Our tutors work with you to understand how you look and apply for jobs, and how you can improve your skills. The courses can help you not only get the job you want, but also better understand the job market, and help you work more efficiently when it comes to looking for a promotion or another role.  

New for 2023, we have courses FREE for those currently unemployed. These can be studied from home at your own pace, and quickly give you new skills you can use in your role, or on your CV when applying for new jobs. Learning can help you refresh existing skills or gain new knowledge. Explore these free courses and find more on our course search. 

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