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Free maths course is demystifying maths for parents like Fahreen

Mum Farheen has told how a fun, free number confidence course now being run in Sherborne is multiplying her chances of helping her children’s education. 

Speaking during national Number Confidence Week (Nov 6-10) Farheen, 35 said: “My children had already started to ask for help with his maths homework when I saw the free Multiply course being advertised through my children’s school information app.”

“I learned maths at school in India, but a lot of time has passed, and teaching has evolved and I was worried about being able to show my children how to actually work through the steps to get an answer. When I looked at his maths the numbers literally ‘danced’ in front of me.

I was also nervous before joining the Multiply sessions – I suppose I didn’t want to make myself look ‘stupid’ in a maths class, but I needn’t have worried at all. It’s as far removed from school as it could be”

My tutor James is simply amazing – so encouraging. He uses simple, relatable games and methods for working with numbers and it I don’t ‘get’ something, make a mistake or just stare blankly he says: No problem. Don’t worry! and we just go over it again. As a result, my confidence has really improved”

Multiply is a government-funded nationwide scheme to improve adult numeracy.

Skills & Learning offer Get Money Confident and Get Number Confident courses both take place at The Digby Hall in Hound Street, over four Wednesdays or for longer if people need them.

Farheen continued:

“The two-hour session each week just flies by. I now feel much more prepared for what is to come as my two sons and daughter go through school. We are now sitting down at home together and going through things in books and using online games too and that feels great. I’ve enjoyed learning as a adult and I’m also looking at further courses in maths and other things too.”

Teacher James Houston said: “It has been great to see Farheen’s confidence grow during our sessions together. She has such a passion to help her children and I love helping her to discover ways of supporting her children to enjoy practising maths.
Finding the time to learn as an adult can be challenging and it’s inspiring to see Farheen dedicating this time to encourage her kids.”

Get Money Confident runs from 11am-1pm and explores practical ways of using maths when budgeting, getting the best value when shopping, understanding bills, meal planning and cooking.  

Get Number Confident runs on the same days from 2pm-4pm and explores key areas of maths such as fractions and percentages in a fun way, through a mix of games and discussion.  

Any UK resident aged 19 and above can join either or both of the courses for free. 

James would like to hear from individuals, couples, parent groups, community groups and businesses which would like to enable their staff to attend either of the courses. 

He can be contacted via email on: 

Skills & Learning offer a huge range of courses which take place at centres across Dorset. 

To explore our upcoming courses and kickstart your journey to becoming more number and maths confident – Click here