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How to be more productive while working from home

Learning and working from home can be very beneficial to many people, no commuting, flexible working and being in the comfort of your own home! The problem is there are plenty of things to distract you, pets, children, TV and even the housework can sometimes be more appealing than sitting at a desk all day.  

So, here are some tips for keeping yourself productive while at home (whether it is just temporary or permanent): 

1. Getting ready

A benefit for being at home is being able to sit in your comfy clothes all the time, however, did you know that getting dressed can let your brain know that you need to get stuff done such as working or studying? Simply getting out of your pyjamas into some other comfy clothes can help to switch your mindset and improve your productivity.  

2. Find somewhere to work 

It can sometimes be hard to separate home life and work life when all of it happens in one place, so create yourself a space to sit and work such as a home office, use a foldaway table or even a room in the house that you can close the door to at the end of the day. Make sure you have somewhere comfortable but away from all your homely luxuries that would normally distract you.  

3. Take a break  

The hours in the day can sometimes merge into one and before you know it you have sat down at a desk all day to then go sit on the sofa for the rest of the evening. Put time in your diary for a break and lunch and make sure you move away from your workspace to do so. Go for a walk, sit in the garden or even go to the shop. Getting outside for some fresh air can help improve your mental health as well as your productivity.  

4. Remove distractions  

Take away the distractions around you, your TV, your phone or even that pile of washing you know needs doing. The less you have a round you to distract you the more likely you are to get distracted and tell yourself “5 more minutes”.  

5. Set timings  

Give yourself a timetable to work to, look at what you need to complete that week. Then narrow it down to daily tasks, from there you can set yourself 30 minutes for one task or an hour for another. Getting into this habit can help you to concentrate and keep you on track to complete all your jobs that you need to do.   

Following these five tips should help you to remove any distractions you have and get the work done. If you need anymore help or advice around your next steps please contact a member of the next steps team either via our Next steps page or by calling us on 01202 123444.