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Learn – 5 Ways to Wellbeing

Learn –  Increase your knowledge of you so that you can take steps each day to find happiness.

There is strong evidence to suggest that continuing learning throughout our lives increases our self-confidence,  our thinking and problem solving skills our feeling of purpose, our sense of community and satisfies our sense of curiosity.

When we are learning we often look to other people to teach us what we need and want to know, we see ourselves as needing to be up-skilled, improved, filled up with knowledge, but it is rare for most of us that we see ourselves as the experts in our own lives. 

As you are the expert on you, ask yourself “What could I learn about me today?”

Sit quietly with yourself and take time to answer the following questions about what it is that makes you, you.

8 Questions to ask yourself today.

  1. What makes me happy?  

2. What is that I love to do? 

3. What are my dreams? 

4. What makes me feel significant? 

5. How do I express myself creatively?    

6. Who cheers me on and supports me when times are good or bad? 

7. What are the moments in my life when I have found meaning and purpose? 

8. Who do I love and connect with?

By answering these questions about yourself and your life, you can begin a journey of knowing how to create happiness in your life and increase your feelings of fulfilment and personal empowerment.

Record what makes you feel good and take time to do this every day.

When we take time to learn about ourselves we begin to recognise what makes us feel whole, feel good, feel complete.

Be curious about yourself and LEARN.