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Learner studies 8 courses with Skills & Learning!

We are thrilled to share the amazing story of Lisa-Marie and her inspiring journey here at Skills & Learning. Lisa-Marie is 34 and works full time as a carer for her husband and family. This is a demanding role, however Lisa told us she makes sure to find the time and motivation to pursue adult education.

“I am a full-time career for my husband and family, taking courses with Skills & Learning is a way for me to take time out for myself and also allows my husband to have time to himself…it’s great and works well for both of us!”

When Lisa first joined us four years ago, her primary goal was to improve her English and Maths skills. She was inspired by her granddaughter, as she wanted to be able to read with more confidence with her. Lisa –Marie first enrolled in 2019 and in 2023 is still looking to gain more skills and qualifications.

She first studied English and Maths with us in 2019. She studied for 36 weeks in the classroom, achieved her Functional Skills English and Maths qualifications and has since gone on to also achieve GCSE English. Lisa-Marie also studied Family Learning: Understanding Autism to help her support her granddaughter after she was diagnosed with Autism.  

“Taking my English course has made me a lot more confident in my reading. I really enjoy reading with my granddaughter. It also inspired me to join an online creative writing course which I absolutely loved…it’s just helped me so much”

Lisa-Marie is currently studying GCSE Maths, GCSE Psychology, and an Introduction to Bookkeeping course. In January 2023, she is also starting a new GCSE Biology course. We asked Lisa-Marie if she has any advice for someone considering starting adult education, and she said:

“If you are thinking of studying a course with Skills & Learning, if you can, do it! It has given me the opportunity to learn new things and achieve more than I ever thought possible! It is so worth it. The tutors are so lovely, very supportive and they are always on hand to help, and the classes are fantastic!”

After studying in the new year, she hopes to have enough UCAS points to go to university and study either Psychology or Bookkeeping & Accounting.

We asked her GCSE Maths tutor Greg about her progress, he said:

“Lisa-Marie was a determined learner, who went above and beyond with her learning. She studied proactively both in class and in her spare time and sought out other resources to improve her understanding. She should be so proud of all she has achieved!”

Thank you so much to Lisa-Marie for giving us the opportunity to share her story! We wish her the best of luck with her studies, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds!