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Learners Gain Russian Language Skills in Poole 

We visited our Intermediate Russian class to see how they are getting on, hear about why they are studying, and how they are using the skills outside of the classroom! 

Carol, 83, has learnt French and Spanish since she retired. She studied Russian over 60 years ago and decided to pick it up again! She started as she wanted to try something new, meet others, and keep her brain active. 

Sue is 76 and had always wanted to learn Russian. She only knew the alphabet when the course started and has since become more confident in using vocabulary. She has also studied Russian literature and would also love to visit one day to immerse and learn more about Russian culture.   

Deirdre is 75, and she visited Russia in the 1970s to learn more about history and music. Since then, she has wanted to learn the language. She studied French and German at school and is using those skills again now to learn Russian! 

Steve worked in Russia for 3 years as an English teacher. He learnt some Russian there during that time, but now he is 70, he is ready to learn more! He is studying to help keep his brain active and to keep learning.  

Ian is 18 and learning Russian for his family. His mother is Russian and he can only understand it currently, not speak in Russian, but he is working on it! He hopes to visit his grandmother in Russia one day and surprise her with his new language skills. He is learning here as part of his Duke of Edinburgh award. 

Zara is a linguist and despite starting the course late, has picked up a fantastic Russian vocabulary. She found the course when walking past the new Poole Adult Learning Centre, in the Dolphin Shopping Centre, and decided to give it a try. She has wanted to learn Russian since she wanted to go to Russia.  

Antony, 29, already knows German and Italian and is learning Armenian and Linear A & B. His Great Grandfather was a Soviet Composer and therefore he also wanted to add Russian to his portfiolio of skills! Antony said that every time you add to language knowledge, it helps you to make new connections. He enjoys speaking to others without or with less of a language barrier.  

Antony’s father also attends the class! Learning with his son, he has been retired since 2019 and studies to help keep his brain active. He practices at home with Anton and enjoys walking into class every week.  

We are proud to see a room of adults from such different backgrounds study for individual reasons. One of the biggest benefits of adult education is meeting people in this way and it’s great to see that in action! The class is very friendly and the learning environment is very positive.  

Tutor, Tatiana, said: 

“I am incredibly proud of my learners of Russian. They have been able not only to challenge themselves to learn the language from level zero but also to maintain their enthusiasm and resilience to progress to intermediate level. Every learner has their own reason and motivation for learning the Russian language. They are positive, hardworking and committed. Whilst learning Russian, we also focus on cultural, historical and linguistics aspects. For example, etymology of words takes us to other Slavic languages and cultures; learners use their life experience, knowledge of other languages as well as analytical abilities to find similarities and differences to apply gained knowledge in practice. They have inquisitive minds and ask many questions – this takes us on an adventurous journey of learning the language and culture.” 

We offer courses in many languages, including:  

  • Italian 
  • French 
  • Spanish 
  • Latin 
  • Portuguese
  • German 
  • British Sign Language (BSL) 

We offer Lip Reading and Neuro Linguistic Programming too! 

Classes are offered at all ability levels across Dorset. You could learn a language for any reason – such as to communicate with others, to gain confidence for a holiday, to open new work opportunities, and much more! Our tutors will help you reach your goal and support you along the way.  

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