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New Dorset programme launches to help children transition into secondary school

Skills & Learning have been proud to work with Dorset Council on the Healthy Activity and Food Programme for many years now. This initiative, campaigned for by Marcus Rashford, aims to provide children with fun holiday activities and a healthy meal during the school holidays when they may have otherwise gone without. 

This summer we are working in partnership with local schools, Dorset Healthy Activities and Food Team (HAF) and Chesil Education & Early Help Team to deliver 4 Summer Schools in the Chesil area in order to support the successful transition of children from primary to secondary school. 

Children often find moving to a new school quite scary and for some this can make them anxious and worried.  

The development of these pilot summer schools aims to help children feel comfortable moving to their new school by offering 5 days of exciting, fun activities in the new school they are moving to. Children can make new friends, share worries and get to know the new school prior to starting in September thereby giving them the best possible start to the new academic year. 

Have a look at the video below created by pupils at Southill Primary School to understand more about some of the feelings and challenges children moving school face.  

The 4 Summer Schools run from Monday 24th July to Friday 28th July 2023 and are for year 6 children moving to: 

  • Wey Valley Academy 
  • Atlantic Academy 
  • All Saints Academy 
  • Budmouth Academy  

You will require a Dorset HAF Passcode or special passcode provided by your child’s primary school in order to book and secure your child’s FREE place on a Summer School. 

To enrol children: 

  1. Either get a Dorset Council HAF Passcode, or speak to your child’s primary school for a special passcode.   
  1. Choose your summer school 
  1. Call us on 01202 123444 to secure your place and confirm any dietary needs for your child.  

Enrolment is open until 20th July 2023, so call us today! Spaces are limited.  

Skills & Learning also offer free Family Learning courses to help children and adults alike learn new skills. These are very popular, and include workshops such as Understanding Autism, Face Painting, Pebble Painting and more. All materials are provided.  

For families learning English as a new language, we also offer courses to help you gain confidence together. Check out more opportunities on our course search.  

Please contact us with any enquiries or questions about HAF, Summer Schools and any other family learning.