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Take time, take notice

Welcome everyone to a new day.  

Today I want you to give yourself permission to celebrate yourself. Take time to notice all the positive qualities about yourself .  We have all faced challenge and change, uncertainty and upheaval, but one thing is certain in that you can choose to notice the beauty of the world around you.  Look out of your window and see spring unfolding, the clouds in the sky, the wind , the rain, the sun. 

Allow your self to notice what matters to you. You might choose your favourite snack and savour every mouthful, as you taste smell and notice the texture of the food.

Be curious about the world around you, allow your self to use all your senses to immerse yourself in the moment. Listen to the birds, watch the sunlight pour through the window, taste and feel the water you drink as it hydrates you. Notice the surface you are standing on, the texture and the temperature. Smell the scent of the washing up bubbles as you wash out your cup.

Take time today and wrap your arms around yourself and notice the warmth and comfort this brings you.

Be kind to yourself today and take time to notice.