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Finance and Course Fees

Many courses we offer are supported by fund from the Education Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and from other sources, such as the European Social Fund. Skills & Learning must make responsible use of this funding and has a duty to ensure it is used to support learners who are committed to achieving. If you are on one of these courses staff at Skills & Learning will direct you to an online satisfaction survey between November 2019 and April 2020, where you can give your feedback.

We also offer courses that do not receive any external funding and these are supported by the fees we charge to learners.

Below you can see how your course is funded based on the course code, please read the information carefully and if you have any queries please call us on 01202 262300 | 01305 819059.

Fully Funded (CF) Courses

Fully funded (you pay no fee) courses or Concessionary Fee (CF) courses are subject to permanent residency within the EU for the last three years (there may be exceptions, please contact us for details). 

Courses Starting AA, AT, AN, QE, QN, QT, PE, PN and PT

The fee shown is a subsidised cost for eligible learners (please see Terms & Conditions):

• If you receive JSA, ESA (WRAG), Lone Parent Income Support (WRA) or Universal Credit (Mandated Skills Training only) it is likely you may be entitled to a fully funded (you pay no fee) qualification course

• If you are unemployed, either looking for work or will be looking for work in the future, and are in receipt of any other state benefit, you may be eligible for a fully funded (you pay no fee) course

• English and maths GCSE may be fully funded if you do not already have a Grade C / 4 or above

• If you are working less than 16 hours a week at the minimum wage or your income is less than £338pm and you are in receipt of state benefits and want to progress into more substantial employment the course may be fully funded

• If your earnings are less than £16,009.50 PA you may be eligible for a fully funded course (you pay no fee)

Further financial assistance towards course fees may be available depending on your personal circumstances.

PS, PM and FN Courses

The fee shown is a subsidised cost for eligible learners (please see Terms and Conditions). There are no further subsidies available for these courses.

AH Courses

The fee shown is the full cost of the course. You will need to pay this full cost or apply for an Advanced Learner Loan. If you are 19-23 at the start of the course and do not already have a full Level 3 or above qualification then you may be eligible for a fully funded course (you pay no fee).

TG, ZA and ZN Courses

The fee shown is the full cost. There are no subsidies available.

PL Courses

The fee shown is the cost for eligible learners (please see Terms and Conditions).

The CF (concessionary fee) is available for recipients of certain state benefits or holders of an Access to Leisure and Learning card.

If you are ineligible for our funding options and cannot afford to pay the full course cost we do have some more options to help, please see below.

Instalment Plan

For fees over £100 It may be possible to pay 50% of the course fee before the enrolment can be processed for the course, with the remainder 50% being paid in 2 consecutive monthly instalments at 25% each.E.g. If the course costs £132 and starts in September, £66 must be paid before enrolment, with £33 being paid the next 2 months after the first initial payment. So if the first payment is taken in September of £66, £33 will be owed in October and again in November.
For fees over £650 We recommend that you contact our team at Skills and Learning for further information and guidance.

Advanced Learner Loan

If you are aged 19 or over and want to study a course at level 3 or above, you will need to pay your college or training organisation for the cost of your course. The Advanced Learner Loan is a way of borrowing money to pay for your course. It’s easy to apply for, doesn’t take your household income into account and doesn’t involve a credit check. Please click here for more information on our Advanced Learning Loans

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