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Next Step Statement 


  1. The purpose of the Next Step service is to equip individuals with the information they need to make informed decisions about learning and/or work and/or careers.
  2. All learners and apprentices will have the opportunity for individual, unbiased, accurate learning and/or careers advice from either a member of Skills and Learning staff or a National Careers Service (NCS) adviser. 
  3. All advice and guidance given to learners either by Skills and Learning or NCS will be impartial and offered in the best interests of the individual. 
  4. Opportunities for individual Next Step information ,advice and guidance  will be promoted in all appropriate literature e.g. Brochure, Learner Handbook, Course information sheets, website, and information leaflets. 
  5. All tutors who deliver Vocational and Functional Skills courses will be strongly encouraged to invite a member of Skills and Learning staff or a NCS adviser into at least one session for each of their groups. 
  6. General industry information, specific to the course, will be embedded into course content by tutors on all vocational courses. 
  7. All learners and apprentices participating in a 1:1 Next Step meeting will be given a copy of the meeting notes and/or agreed action plan. 
  8. Information gathered in Next Step meetings will be shared with appropriate staff or partners, only with the permission of the individual and in accordance with BCP Council General Data Protection Regulation policy. 
  9. 1:1 meeting notes may be kept by Skills and Learning for up to 3 years or longer as stipulated by the Funding Agency. 
  10. The quality of Next Step information ,advice and guidance will be   monitored through observation, feedback and performance against targets at Management Team to identify actions for continuous improvement. 
  11. Feedback about the Next Step service, including Complaints should be addressed to the Feedback Officer at or through the feedback page of the BCP Council website.