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Keeping you Safe

Preventing Radicalisation and Extremism (PREVENT)

This section of information focuses on radicalisation and extremism, what it is and what support is available to help prevent extremist behaviours.


Useful information on Prevent, Radicalisation, Who is at Risk and The Channel Process

For support around reporting and preventing radicalisation, terrorist and extremist behaviour please visit the Dorset police website by clicking here. 

Understanding Prevent
Please click here to access a short clip which provides more information of what prevent is and what it means.
Left Behind
This short film describes the devastation caused to families whose loved ones have travelled or attempted to travel to a conflict zone abroad. From the initial shock through to the practical disruption to families and their children, officers who have supported families talk frankly and openly and appeal to people who are concerned about a loved one who may be considering travel, to contact the police before it is too late. Please click here to watch.
Let's Talk About It
Let’s Talk About It is an initiative which provides help and guidance in preventing terrorism. Visit the Let’s Talk About website by clicking here.


Let's Talk About It - Spotting the Signs
This is a useful guide to help you identify and support someone who may be at risk of radicalisation. To access this guide visit the Let’s Talk About it website above or click here.
Let's Talk About It - Stay Safe Online
For tips on how to stay safe online visit the Let’s Talk About It website above or click here.
Skills & Learning's guide on Learner Conduct, Communication and Content Online

To view our guide on learner conduct, communication and content online please click here.

Health and Safety Information for Learners

Skills & Learning Adult Community Education is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for Learners and staff. To find out more about how we value your health and safety and to read our commitment click here. 

Understanding Depression and Low Mood

If you would like to find out more about how depression and low mood affects young people, and how you can help, then take a look at this free course here. 


Safeguarding is keeping people safe from harm and abuse. Our Safeguarding Officers are dedicated to keeping all our learners safe from harm and abuse. To find out more about Safeguarding and who our Safeguarding Officers are please click here.

Keeping Children Safe

Below parents and carers can find links and information on helping to keep their family safe.


NSPCC 'PANTS' and Join the Pantosaurus Campaign

Lively and interactive cartoons, songs, games, resources and information to help parents, carers, schools, libraries and nurseries keep children safe from sexual abuse.

To access this information please visit the NSPCC website here.

Keeping them safe: Protecting children from Child Sexual Exploitation
Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation

Here is some more information and guidance for people concerned that a child is at risk of sexual exploitation. To access the information please visit the Pace website here. 

Barnados - Keeping you Safe
Download the Barnados “Keeping you Safe” leaflet for advice and guidance on how to be alert, stay safe and spot the signs of exploitation. You can download the leaflet by clicking here. 
How you can Safeguard Children from Sexting Guide
Please click here to download the “How can you safeguard children from sexting?” from the Virtual College.
Think you Know

Please click here for information and guidance for parents about how to help keep children safe online. 

Sexting and Internet Safety
For Government guidance on sexting and internet safety please click here.
Texting Codes - You Could Help Save a Child's Life
This list of text abbreviations could help you understand to forever changing world of text and could potentially help save a child’s life. To download the list of abbreviations please click here.

Domestic Abuse

Here is some useful information about Domestic Abuse. Please visit our Domestic Abuse page for information and guidance on how to get support if you are a victim of domestic abuse. 

“Cup of Tea” Consent Video – Click here

Cut Your Strings Campaign – Click here

Anti-bullying Support

Here you can find a list of useful website which offer support and guidance around bullying.

Anti-bullying Alliance – click here

Childline Anti-bullying Support – click here

Bullying UK Support for Parents and Carers – click here

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