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Meet the tutors at Skills & Learning

Here is some of our amazing team of tutors. The average industry experience of our tutors is around 21 years, the majority with recent practice.

Have you had an experience with a tutor where they went the extra mile? We’d love to hear about it! Please consider nominating them for a Star Award so we can celebrate their hard work. You can make nominations on our online form here.


Emma Wegman



Jane Fry

English Tutor


Karen Graham

ESOL Tutor & Learning Support Assistant


Rachel Aldridge

Sessional Tutor


Tatiana Bartlett

ESOL and Russian Language Tutor


Richard Lewis

Maths Tutor


Carol Roberts

Art Tutor


Tiphaine McConnell



Lynn Coleman

Adult Learner Support


Rebecca Freiesleben

ESOL Tutor


Hayley Spencer

Learning Support Assistant


Elizabeth Hill



Helen Schuster Bruce

ESOL Tutor


Julia Brown

Assistant Curriculum Manager and English Tutor


Dot Pickett

English Tutor


Jenny Clay

Maths Tutor


Lorna Smith



Vicky Walduck



Rosalind Crow

Learning Support Assistant


Georgina Ralph

ICT Tutor


Nicky Davies

Bookkeeping / Accounts Tutor


Frances Perkins

Learning Support Assistant


Lucy Muscatt

Learning Support Assistant


Salil Ray-Chowdhury

Learning Support Assistant


Antony Mellor



Carla Louise Seymour

Learner Support Assistant


Brett Milner



Hollie Webster

Beauty Tutor


Cheryl Bascombe

Learning Support Officer


Theresa Gordon

French Tutor


Maureen Torpey

Lead Counselling Tutor


Amber Peters



Nicky Payne

Learning Support Officer


Alison Humphrey



Sharon Ives

English tutor


Danielle Speight

Sports Massage, Anatomy & Physiology Tutor


Hazel Crofts



Martin Gooch

Learning Support Assistant


Abi Kremer

Art Tutor


Amy Alner

Hairdressing Tutor


Janet Miller

Employability tutor, Mental Health Academy tutor, Community Learning tutor


Cristina Moragas Lomas

Spanish Tutor


Andy Morris



Kit Alcock

Tutor, End Point Assessor and IQA


Mark Hume



Asha Verhoeven

Counselling Tutor (Level 2)


Catherine Willcocks

First Aid Tutor


John Oldfield

Adult Learner Support


Nikos Demetriou

BSL & Arabic Tutor with QTS and ToD