Living Well

We are continuing with our Living Well courses. These courses are open to anyone who may be experiencing mild to moderate low mood, anxiety or depression and who would like to learn something new and meet new people in an informal, supportive environment. You don’t need to be referred, you can simply contact us and enrol.

There are no restrictions on how many courses you can enrol on or where you attend them.  

If you are new to our Living Well courses we would like to invite you to come in for an informal discussion with one of our wellbeing advisers. During the appointment our wellbeing adviser will help you to think about next steps; that may be enrolling on a Living Well course, other learning opportunities or signposting you to other services who will give you greater support.

Foundation of wellbeing

  • What does Wellbeing Mean for Me
  • Connecting to self, activity, and others
  • Take Notice, perception, mindfulness techniques, and beginning process of change
  • Keep Learning and Self Management – coping strategies, asking for help
  • Give – reconnecting to our values, self-compassion, resilience and self management

Write for pleasure

Writing has long been used to communicate more difficult sentiments, and has even been used as a therapy. This course offers you the chance to put into words just what you want to say. In a gentle and nurturing environment, you will explore how to it is to just enjoy writing for your wellbeing.

Textile art

This course will start at the beginning by looking at the basics of how a sewing machine works and help you to gain confidence in operating a sewing machine successfully. There will opportunity to create a piece of textile art. Projects are chosen to give you the chance to put into practice the skills and knowledge that you will be taught. You will have the option to adapt choices made to suit your ability and to be able to use any opportunity you may have to carry out additional work on your project.

Have fun with flowers

Learn about the mechanics of floristry and the structure of flowers and foliage as well as some invaluable hints and tips on how to make your arrangements last longer and look fabulous. In an informal supportive setting, get started on learning about the colour wheel, complementing and accenting arrangements and those that draw the eye.

Expressive drawing & painting

This course will teach skills of line, tone, form and perspective, using a range of drawing and painting media, therefore building confidence and developing an individual style. Students will make experimental and finished work.

Want to enrol?

To enrol on our LivingWell courses you will need to:

Step 1: Thoroughly read the relevant information pack(s)
Step 2: Check that you meet the course entry requirements