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Appeals policy

This Appeals Procedure provides guidance for:

  • Appeals against GCSE results Appeals against internal assessment decisions that contribute towards a qualification, including GCSE Spoken Language non-examination assessments and GCSE controlled assessments
  • Appeals against calculated grades during the ‘extraordinary regulatory framework’ period of March – July 2020
    For all other examinations/assessments, refer to the awarding organisation’s appeals process for the specific qualification.

1. Appeals against GCSE results

Appeals against GCSE results are managed through the JCQPost-results Services, including Enquiries and Results (‘EAR’). All candidates are sent full information about these services, including costs, with their exam entry confirmation. They are also available through the JCQ website ( Candidates wishing to access these services must pay the associated costs. Skills & Learning is unable to support learners with these costs.

2. Appeals against internal assessment decisions that contribute towards a qualification, including GCSEs

We are committed to open and fair assessment. As a candidate you should be involved in the process of assessment. There may, occasionally, be times when you and your assessor trainerhave differing views about an assessment decision. The process described below covers such situations.

Stage 1

If you disagree with an assessment decision, discuss this with your tutor or assessor trainer within 5 working days for GCSE Spoken Language non-examination assessmentsor within 10 working days for other awards.Write down the reasons for your concernso your tutor or assessor trainer understands why you disagree. Your tutor or assessor trainer will re-examine the evidence with you within 10 working days of your expression of concern and provide a clear written explanation. In most situations it will be unnecessary to proceed further than this. If you are still unhappy, the appeal will proceed to Stage 2 and will be registered as a Candidate Appeal.

Stage 2 – Candidate Appeal

Send the original assignment or assessment together with any other evidence or work and any explanation you may wish to include to the Curriculum,Quality and Business Development Managerat Skills and Learning. You can use the Candidate Appeal Form below. The manager of the programme will be informed and your appeal will be sent to the Internal Quality Assurer who will reconsider the decision and inform you of her/his assessment within 10 working days.

The decision will be entered on the Candidate Appeal Form.In the rare event that you are unhappy about the reconsidered assessment decision, the appeal will move to Stage 3.

Stage 3 – The Appeals Panel

Should you wish to proceed to Stage 3 your Appeals Form and relevant evidence will go to an Appeals Panel which includes you, a friend (or other person who can offer you support), the tutor/assess or trainer, the Internal Quality Assurer (from Stage 2) and two independent people approved by the Principal Learning Manager, one of whom will be appointed to Chair the meeting.

The panel will reach a decision within 10 working days and notify, in writing, all parties of the outcome.

Stage 4

IIf you are still unhappy about the decision an External Quality Assurer may be requested from the Awarding Organisation to investigate the appeal. The Awarding organisation may charge a fee which will be payable by you. This fee will be refunded to you by Skills & Learning if the decision of the Appeals Panel is reversed.

GCSE Spoken Language non-examination assessments: after candidates’ work has been internally assessed, it is moderated by the awarding organisation to ensure consistency in marking between centres. The moderation process may lead to mark changes. This process is outside the control of Skills & Learning and is not covered by this procedure.

The decision of the Awarding Organisation is final.

If you have any queries about this process please talk to your Tutor, Assess or trainer, Internal Quality Assurer or Curriculum Manager for the course.

Would you like to appeal?

Please use this form to register a Stage 2 Appeal against an assessment decision. Refer to the information above for guidance.

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