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IT Usage Policy

Acceptable use

  • Use computers, Office 265 apps and the internet for work and tasks that support learning and achievement on your course.
  • Always sign out when you have finished and leave the equipment as you would expect to find it.
  • Make sure emails and other communications are polite and courteous.
  • Make sure you know what is ‘unacceptable use’ and immediately report unacceptable use to a member of staff.

Examples of unacceptable use

  • Sending, forwarding or storing materials that contain pornographic, violent, racist, hacking, illegal or offensive materials or that contain bullying, threatening, insulting or extremist language.
  • Visiting inappropriate sites or downloading inappropriate material, such as, those that contain pornographic, violent, racist, hacking, malicious software, illegal or offensive materials.
  • Breaching copyright law relating to downloading and using computer software, music, video or other copyrighted material.
  • Engaging in ‘Chat’ or other communications activities on the network unless this is part of your course, arranging to meet anyone you don’t know or deceive third parties.

Any learner making unacceptable use of the network or internet will be subject to disciplinary procedures.

If you are still unsure what constitutes acceptable use your tutor will advise on this and how to stay safe online and the dangers of inappropriate use of social networking and other websites. Please read our e-safety guide.

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