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Accounting and Bookkeeping

We’re proud to offer a range of bookkeeping and accounting courses to kickstart your career in finance, or help you with your business needs.

Why study bookkeeping and accounting

Bookkeeping and accounting is about far more than just managing money – it’s about ensuring businesses are financially compliant, healthy and able to grow. We offer courses for all abilities, so whether you’re looking to make the first step into this industry, or are well established and would like to refresh your skills, we have something for you.

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Studying bookkeeping and accounting could give you…

New career prospects

Bookkeeping and accounting skills are in high in demand and are essential for all businesses big and small. With the help of our careers and employability team, we can help you find and secure a new role in finance.

Up to date, industry standard knowledge

All our tutors are fully qualified and knowledgeable in both the bookkeeping and accounting industries, and teach courses for all levels.

New qualifications

From introductory courses up to level 2, our tutors will support you to gain new qualifications to boost your prospects, confidence and ability.

What can I get from doing a bookkeeping & accounting course?

A course in Bookkeeping & Accounting can help you to gain the skills and knowledge needed for a career in the accounting sector and help you manage your business more effectively. Our AAT Level 1 Award, AAT Level 2 Certificate and AAT Advanced  Level 3 Certificate are internationally recognised qualifications so you will gain the essential, practical needs which employers need. These courses can build your confidence for completing your own self-employed bookkeeping records or for you to make your own career in finance.

AAT is the Association of Accounting Technicians, the world’s leading professional body for accounting technicians. For further information visit:

What is a bookkeeping & accounting course?

A bookkeeping and accounting course will build your confidence to develop your knowledge and skills to enable you to record & maintain financial reports, balance financial incomings/outgoings, organize and interpret data. We offer Bookkeeping and Accounting courses at a wide range of different levels from AAT Level 1 to AAT Level 3  qualification courses, whatever your level of experience or previous knowledge we have a course to suit your needs.

How can this help me support my career?

A bookkeeping and accounting course can support you on your chosen career path as you will be able to develop your knowledge and skills in finance record keeping and help you to start working more accurately and efficiently, which can open new doors and lead to new opportunities and opening new doors.

AAT qualifications are widely respected in the industry and after qualifying you can choose to work in a finance team or become self employed, this will give you job security and the opportunity to work flexibly.

Successful completion of Level  3 enables you to apply to become an AAT bookkeeping member (AATQB), and if you’re thinking of starting your own practice you’ll be able to apply to become an AAT Licensed Bookkeeper.

Are there other additional qualifications I can do in this subject?

After studying with us you will have the opportunity to gain a higher level qualification such as Level 4 or you could progress into further study at university.

Is there any funding for bookkeeping & accounting?

Our Bookkeeping and Accounting courses may be free If you are unemployed, underemployed, in receipt of benefits or on a low wage (under £20,319). If none of these requirements apply to you, you can pay for your course in instalments. For more information about our finance options visit our finance page.

How long does it take to become an accountant or bookkeeper?

At Skills & Learning we offer a wide range of courses at different levels and lengths. Depending on the level of the course you are studying and your goals, it could take approximately 15 weeks for Level 1, 21 weeks for Level 2 and 34 weeks to complete Level 3.

How big are the classes?

We pride ourselves on offering small classes to create a warm, welcoming, safe and supportive environment, Our Bookkeeping and Accounting courses normally have a maximum of 13 learners on a course at a time.

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How do I enrol?

1. Once you know you would like to study bookkeeping and accounting with us, please book yourself an admission session. This is a chance for us to meet you, assess your current working level and ensure you are placed on the best course for you.

2. After your admission session, we will offer you a place on a course best suited to your ability. You can then enrol for this online. We will try our best to offer you a course at a convenient time and place for you based on your needs.

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