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Our popular language programme, delivered by experienced and knowledgeable tutors will enable you to develop your knowledge about another country and culture and meet new people, whilst learning a new language.

Why study a language?

Our friendly courses across Dorset include French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. Included in our language offer are lip reading and sign language courses. We offer courses for all ability levels.

Learning a new language is fun and could enrich a holiday abroad, communicate more with friends and family or be beneficial for work purposes.

If you are not a native English speaker and would like to learn English, please take a look at our ESOL courses (English for speakers of other languages).

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Studying a language will give you…

What do you learn in a languages course?

Our language courses cover all the key elements needed to learn a language including, listening, speaking, reading, writing in your chosen language. We offer courses at a variety of levels to suit your learning needs from Beginner to Intermediate. Our Beginner courses help you to develop your conversational skills in your chosen language at a basic level. Our Intermediate courses are for those who would like to consolidate their existing speaking, listen and writing skills at intermediate level and work towards fluency.

Will I get any qualifications from taking a language course?

Our language courses are part of our Learning for Leisure courses so there are no exams or qualifications. However, our courses can help you to develop and strengthen your knowledge and skills in order to progress onto a qualification course or higher education.

How long is a course?

Our language courses run for just over 2 months (10 weeks).

How often do courses run?

Our courses run all year round and are open for enrolments throughout the year. Visit our course search to view our upcoming courses.

More confidence to communicate

Learning a new language and practicing in class will help you improve your confidence to speak, read and write in that language.

New skills and knowledge

Your memory will benefit from learning new skills and knowledge about the language and culture and this will support you in feeling more confident.

Improved sense of wellbeing

Meeting new people, gaining new skills and achieving new things is a fantastic way to contribute to your overall mental health and wellbeing.

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How do I enrol?

You can enrol for any of our courses in 2 ways:


Find a course and can click the ‘Enrol on this course’ button to be taken to an application form to enrol on the course.

By phone

Find a course and call us on 01202 123444. Please remember to check our opening hours first.

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