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Multiply –  Free Maths Courses

Multiply is a new government-funded programme to help adults across the UK to improve their numeracy skills.

What is Multiply?

Multiply offers adults free maths courses with opportunities to gain qualifications, and build confidence in using numbers at work or in everyday life. You can take take part in Multiply if you’re aged 19+ and don’t currently have maths GCSE at grade C (or equivalent).

There will be courses for beginners and those who want to build on existing maths knowledge. There will also be more advanced courses including GCSE and Level 2 Functional Skills. All courses will also include online tutorials and content, so you can learn at a pace to suit you along with support from Skills & Learning tutors.

Multiply will be launching this year. You can sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know when Multiply launches.

We offer maths courses throughout the year across Dorset at all levels from entry to GCSE/Level 2 Functional Skills. Check out our courses here or on the link below. View our maths Progression Pathway to find out more about our progression options.

Find out more on the Skills For Life website.

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You will be eligible for Multiply if you:

Are aged 19+

Live in the United Kingdom

Do not have a GCSE in maths at grade C (equivalent to grade 4 or CSE grade 1), or an equivalent qualification

Gain maths skills for everyday life

The Multiply programme offers adults free courses with opportunities to build confidence and ability in using number skills in all aspects of everyday life. The focus is on practical skills and having fun with numbers. For example you could practise how to:

  • Plan and track your spending each month
  • Unpick your energy bill so you don’t get over-charged
  • Get your head around numbers and statistics in the news
  • Apply maths skills for your hobbies and interests including sport, music, arts and crafts
  • Help your children with the maths they are learning in school

We are offering 2 course types – one focusing on general maths skills, and one specifically focusing on money management. Both course types are free and there are no formal exams.

If you are looking for a qualification, explore our Functional Skills & GCSE courses below.

Get Number and Money Confident Multiply coursesGCSE & Functional Skills courses

Gain maths skills for work

At Skills & Learning we offer a range of maths courses whether you want to progress at work, up your maths skills for your own business or simply impress your boss by improving your confidence and skills using maths in the workplace. If you are considering:

  • Applying for a new job or a promotion
  • Going back to work after a career break
  • A change of career
  • Work-based training
  • Enhancing your maths know-how for your business

They are designed for adults who want to enhance their employability skills by building confidence and improving their maths skills for the workplace and career progression. They are a good preparation if you are thinking about taking maths qualifications but want to brush up your skills first.

If you are looking for a qualification, explore our Functional Skills & GCSE courses below.

Multiply courses for workGCSE & Functional Skills courses

Our Multiply Partners

There are several learning providers running Multiply maths provision for further education, community and work-based groups across BCP and Dorset.