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Multiply –  Free Maths Courses

Multiply is a government-funded programme to help adults across the UK to improve their numeracy skills.

What is Multiply?

Building Skills and Confidence with Numbers and Money

Multiply numeracy courses are FREE courses for adults (minimum age 19) who would like to improve their number skills. We know maths anxiety and confidence can hold a lot of people back which is why our friendly tutors offer supportive, learner-centred courses where you can brush up your skills and build your confidence without the pressure of exams or fear of being ‘put on the spot’.

Our courses will provide you with top tips and the number skills you need to tackle everyday tasks like these confidently. Multiply courses are also good for people who want to boost their confidence with maths for work or before starting a qualification.

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Our Multiply courses

Our Multiply courses are between 6 and 10 weeks long and run all year round in our learning centres and online. Our courses include:

  • Get Number Confident – a course to help you build confidence and refresh your skills in everyday maths.
  • Get Money Confident – this course helps you to better understand your spending habits, develop your budgeting skills and explore new ways to save.
  • Get Maths Confident for Work – this supportive course can help you to build back confidence and encourage a more positive mindset as a basis for further learning and development.
  • Get Maths Confident for Business – if you are self-employed, this friendly introduction to business finance basics is for those who need a confidence boost when it comes to maths to support their business.
  • Get Ready for Functional Skills – if you are looking for a course to refresh your skills and build confidence before studying for a functional skills maths qualification.

Click on the link to explore current Multiply courses. If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us on 01202 123444 or email

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Courses with Our Multiply Partners

There are several learning providers running Multiply maths provision for further education, community and work-based groups across BCP and Dorset.

They offer a variety of Multiply courses and workshops such as Money Skills, Cooking on a Budget, Get Tenancy Ready and Supporting Your Child with Maths Homework