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Physical health and exercise

Learning more about your physical health, body and mind can be fun as well as greatly benefitting your wellbeing.

Why study a course in Physical Health and Exercise?

Physical Health and Exercise are essential to our physical and mental wellbeing and balance.

Learning more about this can help your health and deepen your knowledge about what your body and mind needs to stay healthy.

We offer a range of courses to support your physical and mental health, mobility, nutrition and healthy eating. This is a fantastic way to gain new knowledge and the skills to use in your day to day life so that you can build confidence in yourself and your body.

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Boost mental health and wellbeing

Meeting new people, learning a new skill and expressing yourself are great ways to boost your wellbeing.

Improve mobility and flexibility

Increasing our physical activity helps support a healthy lifestyle.

Help you meet new people

Our small, supportive classes are a great opportunity to make new connections.

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How do I enrol?

You can enrol for any of our courses in 2 ways:


Find a course and click the ‘Enrol on this course’ button to be taken to an application form to enrol on the course.

By phone

Find a course and call us on 01202 123444. Please remember to check our opening hours first.

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