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Working in education and training

Skills in education and training are growing in demand. Deepen your knowledge by enrolling on a course today!

Working in Education and Training

Education and training is a huge sector growing in size and scale, with more opportunities than ever. The amount of knowledge and experience needed has also grown and there is a strong demand for qualifications and up to date knowledge.

We offer courses at many levels to build your skills about education and training, from introductory courses to level 2 qualifications. Our courses are the perfect first step into working in this growing sector, or a great way to refresh your current skills.

In addition to courses to help you work in education and training, we also offer courses in social care, working with children and young people and mental health and wellbeing.

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Why study education and training?

Gain new knowledge and skills

Education and training skills needed are rapidly changing. Updating your knowledge helps you have relevant knowledge you can apply on a day to day basis.

Discover new career prospects

Gaining a new qualification or skill in education and training can help you apply for new roles and jobs in this growing sector.

Improve your confidence

Learning something new or developing your existing skills is a great way to boost your confidence. Gaining a qualification is also fantastic for confidence to reflect your hard work.

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