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Team Leader Supervisor Apprenticeship

What is an Apprenticeship?

Team Leader/Supervisor Standard 

Operations Departmental Manager Standard Level 5

This Team Leader/Supervisor Apprenticeship is designed for staff in a first-line management role whose responsibilities include providing direction, support and guidance to others in the achievement of defined business goals. Job roles include Supervisor, Team Leader, Project Officer and Shift Supervisor as well as other roles with elements of operational or project management responsibilities.

Knowledge and skills:

Leading People

Managing People Building Relationships Communication
Project Management Operational Management Finance


Key Facts:

Level 3 (equivalent to A levels at grade A to E)
Duration Typically this apprenticeship takes 15 – 18 months
Entry requirements Set by you, the employer however, as a minimum, apprentices should have prior attainment in English and Maths at Level 2 or be prepared to study towards attainment of a Level 2 Functional Skills qualification. They can be a new or existing employee but they must be in an appropriate management role. As their employer you must be able to commit to meeting their 20% off-job training requirement if they are to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to complete the Apprenticeship and be of benefit to your organisation.
Mode of delivery Blended learning to include: traditional and online classroom attendance (front loaded), on and off job training and work based assessment – which must involve at least 20% off-job training which must take place during their employed hours. End-point assessment can only take place once the apprentice has completed the minimum duration on programme of 12 months however final assessment must be completed within the18 months.
Workplace visits Support from a Skills & Learning assessor who will arrange to visit you approximately every six weeks to ensure the apprentice is making good progress and to gain feedback on their performance.

Funding overview   

The Government is committed to increasing the quality, and quantity, of apprenticeships in England to 3 million starts by 2020. To achieve this aim the Government have introduced an employer levy

Levy payers are any employer with an annual wage bill of over £3 million.

Levy paying employers will pay 100% of the costs of an apprenticeship from their Digital Account, funded from the levy.

Non-levy payers are employers with an annual wage bill under £3 million. 

Non-levy paying employers will contribute 5% of the cost of the apprenticeship and the government will contribute 95% in a co-investment arrangement.

 Employers with fewer than 50 (49 or less) employees will pay no contribution if they take on a 16 – 18 year or a 19 – 24 year old with a Health, Education or Care Plan and these are fully funded by the Government. In addition to this, the employer receives £1,000 to mitigate any costs involved in extra support needed by the apprentice.

It is the employers’ responsibility to declare, via PAYE, that they are levy payers.

Team Leader/Supervisor Apprenticeship       –       Levy payment examples:   

Employer pay-bill £2,000,000  
Levy sum 0.5% x £2M = £10,000
Subtract Allowance £10,000 – £15,000 = £0 annual levy
Total levy sum is less than the £15,000 allowance
Employer pay-bill £5,000,000  
Levy sum 0.5% x £5M = £25,000
Subtract Allowance £25,000 – £15,000 = £10,000 annual levy
After 10% top-up = £10,000 + £1000 = £11,000 levy funds available to spend

Non-Levy Employer example   

Cost of delivering Apprenticeship £4,500  
Government pays 95% £4,275  
Employer pays £225  

 Non-Levy Employer with under 50 staff – if apprentice aged 16-18 or 19-24 with an Education, Health or Care Plan– no charge  and a grant of £1,000**

 Where apprentice training is not funded eg non-levy payers employers must co-invest 5% of the agreed total price 

** Applicable to all apprentice employers both levy payers and non levy payers.

From April 2020 non levy payers will be able to use the digital apprenticeship service to find, commission and fund apprenticeship training.   


Once you have thought about the benefits an Apprentice could bring to your workforce – it is important to be aware of the responsibilities attached to employing an Apprentice, to successful completion of the Apprenticeship and for the maximum Return of Investment for the business.

 Your commitments involve:

Complying with the terms and conditions of the Apprenticeship Funding Rules in your employment of an apprentice.

Paying at least the national minimum wage – for the time they are in work and the 20% of time they are training.

Employing the apprentice in an appropriate team leading role – with supporting job description and person specification  –  to gain the required knowledge, skills and behaviours.

Complying with contractual health &safety, equality &diversity and safeguarding requirements of employing an apprentice.

Issuing a signed Contract of Employment, of at least 30 hours work each week, to include an apprenticeship agreement and commitment statement.

Ensuring the contract is long enough to enable the apprentice to successfully complete their apprenticeship including at least 20% as time off for training.

Committing to the requirements of the Team Leader Assessment Plan’s on and off-the-job training, on-programme and end programme assessment requirements.

Enabling your apprentice to combine learning in the workplace (on the job) with structured and Courseroom based (off- the-job) outside the workplace at a Skills & Learning Centre.

Having the buy-in from staff who will be involved in the support, training and development of the apprentice.

Providing regular feedback on your apprentice’s performance from line managers, peers and customers and contribute to progress reviews with the apprentice and assessor.

Supporting the apprentice with a suitable workplace mentor.

Working in partnership with Skills & Learning to ensure the apprentice successfully completes their Apprenticeship training.  Your apprentice may also need to study for a Maths or English qualification to enable them to achieve the Team Leader Apprenticeship.

What can you expect from Skills & Learning: 

  • Providing a Training Needs Analysis service to identify gaps in the level of skills and knowledge of staff currently in roles involving managing others to achieve organisational goals
  • Help in identifying the key skills required for these roles and impartial information on how the Team Leader/Supervisor Apprenticeship could support the development of these skills.
  • Working in partnership to develop an on the job and off-the-job training programme that fits both your organisational culture, for example the best time for study, and supports the development of your apprentice
  • Guidance and support with the Apprenticeship recruitment and selection process for new staff
  • Guidance with the funding process
  • High quality apprenticeship training delivered from a trusted provider
  • A professional, customer driven, working relationship at all times
  • Advice and guidance on wider training support for your business.

The next step:

In the first instance please contact us on 01202 123444 | or

Skills & Learning will –

  • arrange to visit you in the workplace to discuss your requirements further
  • provide you with a relationship manager who will advertise the vacancy if this is applicable and who will be your first point of contact in any communication
  • be able to map your job description(s) across to suitable Apprenticeship Standards and help you to landscape the learning your apprentice will need to become your ideal employee. In this way your business can close skills gaps and prepare for future trends
  • allocate an apprenticeship tutor who will be qualified, have appropriate and current experience in the work place, who will be local and who will train, coach and assess your apprentice to the standard required to pass an end point assessment. You will be kept abreast of their progress.