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Top Skills Employers Look for and How to Develop Them in Dorset

The Dorset job market is booming. With various industries thriving, there are exciting opportunities for individuals with the right skillset. But what exactly are employers looking for? Don’t worry – this blog is here to help!

Based on recent reports, here are some of the most sought-after skills by Dorset employers:

Technical Skills – Depending on the sector, specific technical skills are always in high demand. For example, the digital tech sector craves software developers and engineers, while construction needs skilled tradespeople.

Digital Literacy – Microsoft Office proficiency, especially Excel, is a baseline expectation for many employers. Familiarity with other digital tools and platforms is a plus.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills – The ability to clearly express yourself, both verbally and in writing, is crucial. Teamwork, problem-solving, and active listening are also highly valued.

Transferable Skills – Skills that apply across different job roles are incredibly valuable. Time management, organisation, critical thinking, and the ability to learn new things quickly are all essential.

Developing Your Skillset in Dorset

The good news is there are plenty of resources available to help you develop these in-demand skills. At Skills & Learning we offer a wide range of courses (over 800!) in over 25+ subject areas. Our courses cater to both online and classroom-based learning, with over 30+ centres across Dorset. We offer free careers and learning advice to all our learners in Dorset, regardless of your starting point, our team of expert Advisors will work with you, to understand your learning and career goals and to support you in reaching your potential. Book an appointment with us today!

Beyond Courses: Building Your Skills

Formal education is valuable, but you could also do things in your own time to help build your skills:

Volunteer Work – Volunteering allows you to gain practical experience, build your network, and improve your soft skills. Many businesses accept volunteers, we recommend getting into contact with businesses in your local area to gain experience. Did you know that you can volunteer for us? Find out more.

Events & Workshops – Use apps like Eventbrite to find and attend industry-specific events and workshops to stay updated on the latest trends and learn from professionals.

Networking – Connect with people in your desired field. Attend networking events and join online communities to learn from others and build relationships.


  • To identify your goals as understanding your career aspirations helps you choose the right skills to develop.
  • Invest in life long learning as the world of work is constantly evolving, so embrace lifelong learning.
  • To celebrate your achievements and highlight your newly acquired skills on your CV and during job interviews.

By focusing on improving these in-demand skills and utilising resources available, you can position yourself for success in the thriving job market. Now go out there and start learning! Explore all our courses today!