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Our range of exciting courses will allow you to develop skills in digital photography and photoshop.

Why study photography?

Studying photography is a great way to broaden your depth and knowledge about how to construct, capture and edit a great photo.

Our courses are also a fantastic opportunity to meet new people with the same passion for photography as you, and gain confidence in your skills as a photographer.

As a form of art, studying photography can also broaden your perspective and help you explore your creative side, which can in turn benefit your mental health and wellbeing.

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Studying photography can…

Boost mental health and wellbeing

Meeting new people, learning a new skill and expressing yourself are great ways to boost your wellbeing.

Help you find yourself

Photography classes are a chance to step away from our busy everyday lives and explore our creative sides.

Improve your job prospects

Photography skills are highly in demand and could be the start of a new career.

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How do I enrol?

You can enrol for any of our courses in 2 ways:


Find a course and can click the ‘Enrol on this course’ button to be taken to an application form to enrol on the course.

By phone

Find a course and call us on 01202 123444. Please remember to check our opening hours first.

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