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GCSE Psychology

This exciting GCSE course will give you a deep dive into psychology and how it impacts our day to day lives.

Our GCSE Psychology course can help you to develop your critical analysis and research skills, providing you with knowledge that can be used in your everyday life as well as in the workplace. You will also gain insight into the ways people interact, communicate and process information. It can open the doors to a new career, or be a stepping stone towards higher education, enabling you to develop the skills needed for a career in the field.

Psychology at Skills & Learning

We’re very excited to offer GCSE psychology! This intensive 9 month course gives an academic overview of psychology, equipping you with knowledge and skills to apply in your home and work life. You will study key psychological theories, such as memory, perception and communication. It’s a great way to learn something new and gain foundational knowledge you can take on into further study if you wish.

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What does a GCSE Psychology course involve?

During your course, you will study memory, perception, communication and social influences. This course will also explore neuropsychology, psychological problems and the impact on the human mind. Throughout your study, you will gain insight into psychological ideas, processes and theories. You will also learn more about the research methods and key figures and theorists within the field of psychology.

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What are the next steps after my GCSE Psychology course is complete?

Once your course is complete and you have gained a GCSE qualification, you can put this towards further study of Psychology or explore other social sciences. This qualification can help you to access higher education at A Level or University. It can also help you to start a career in areas such as counselling or education.

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Studying psychology will give you…

Knowledge for your work and home life

GCSE Psychology knowledge can be used in your day-to-day life, as well as in the workplace to help you open new career doors.

A new outlook

Learning about psychology and the way we think will help you gain a new outlook and insight on the way people interact, communicate and feel.

Wellbeing benefits

Studying and taking time to learn something new will benefit your mental health and also help support your overall wellbeing.

How do I enrol?

Look for a GCSE psychology course near you today on our course search. There, you can press ‘Apply for this course’ where you will be taken to an application form. Simply fill in the details and we will get back to you with the result.

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