Terms & Conditions


The Skills & Learning Manager reserves the right to assess the
learner’s suitability to benefit from the proposed course. Enrolment and
payment does not guarantee a place on a course. Skills & Learning
reserves the right to insist upon any learner discontinuing attendance at
any course or venue.
Places on some of our courses will be in high demand and if you
have been offered a place but no longer require it, please advise us
immediately, as you may be preventing another learner from taking the
place. Where learners do not attend the first session without having given
prior notice, Skills & Learning reserve the right to offer the place on the
course to another learner and you will not be eligible to a refund if it is
outside the 14 day cooling off period (see ‘Cancellation Policy’).

Unspent Criminal Convictions
We require learners to disclose any unspent criminal convictions.
Please refer to www.skillsandlearningace.com/policies/

Learners studying qualification courses at other training providers
The funding bodies will only fund a learner to study a qualification with a
single training provider. Where a learner studies the same qualification
with another training provider, Skills & Learning reserves the right to
reclaim from the learner, the fees equivalent to the loss of funding from
the funding bodies.

Eligibility to Attend Courses
All our courses are available to learners aged 19 and over on
31st August. Residency (you must have been permanently resident within
the EU for the last 3 years) and eligibility rules apply.

Changes in Class Arrangement
Courses are arranged on a basis of estimated demand.
The Skills & Learning Manager may change the syllabus, the day and
time of any course and may cancel courses where:
• Enrolment or attendance is considered inadequate
• The course tutor is unable to continue teaching and no suitably
qualified replacement tutor is available
Where a session has to be postponed, the Service will re-schedule
the session and no refund of the learner’s fee will be made. Where the
remainder of the course is cancelled, the Service’s liability is limited to a
pro-rata refund of the learner’s fee.

Stationery, Textbooks and Course Materials
On most courses learners are expected to provide the textbooks,
stationery and materials required for their courses. Please refer to the
Course Information Sheet.

Change of Personal Details
You must advise us of any change to your personal details, including your

Personal Information
Please see our privacy notice at www.skillsandlearningace.com/policies
for details on how we process your personal information.

Damage to Equipment & Premises
The cost of repair of property known to have been damaged by a learner
shall, on demand, be paid to Skills & Learning by the learner responsible
for such damage.

Loss or Damage to Personal Property
All property, including clothing, electronic goods, bicycles and motor
vehicles, brought to any Skills & Learning premises by a learner shall
remain throughout, at the sole risk of the learner. Neither Dorset County
Council, Bournemouth Borough Council, Borough of Poole nor the Skills
& Learning Service accepts any responsibility.

Course Fees
Fees are exempt from VAT. Learners should be aware that course fees,
as quoted, are subject to review only in exceptional circumstances.

Places on courses are not transferable to any other person

These Terms and Conditions must be read in conjunction with our Learner Handbook, our
Fees Policy and Course Entry Policy, all of which are available on our
website: www.skillsandlearningace.com

Eligibility for a fully funded (you pay no fee) or subsidised course
If learners have declared any false information, action may be taken to
reclaim fees and any support costs provided.

For fees over £100 it may be possible to pay 50% of the course fee
before the start of the course. 50% of the total course fee must be
received by Borough of Poole before the agreement is valid. This will be
followed by two consecutive monthly instalments of 25% following the
initial payment of 50%.
For course fees over £650 – please contact Skills & Learning for further
information. Please note that the full fee remains payable if you cancel
your place on the course outside the 14 day cooling off period.

Please refer to the Financial Information Pack
at www.skillsandlearningace.com or phone 01202 262300
or 01305 819059 for further information.

Examination and awarding body registration fees and administrative
charges are included in the cost of the course.
Learners are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure that they are
entered for the correct examination by the deadline date set. Learners
who do not turn up for exams and/or assessments will be charged an
exam cancellation fee.

Late entries
If a learner misses the final examination entry deadline and wishes
to make a late entry the learner will be required to pay a £15 centre
administration fee and the awarding body late fee.

You may cancel your place on a course within 14 days of your enrolment
and receive a full refund, unless:
• Full delivery of the course has taken place within this period
• Part of the course has been delivered within this period, in which case
you will pay reasonable costs for this proportion of the course

Advanced Learner Loan Cancellation only
The Student Loans Company (SLC) will only pay the fees based on the
duration of your attendance. If you decide to withdraw from the course,
the SLC will stop payments to Skills & Learning and you will be liable
for the remaining balance of the course fee. If you have applied for an
Advanced Learner Loan you will also be liable for the full course fee if the
loan application remains incomplete or is later declined by the SLC.

Cancellations outside of this policy, for exceptional circumstances,
are entirely at our discretion

To request a refund please complete a cancellation form Please click here
Nothing contained within these Terms & Conditions affects your
statutory rights.

An appropriate proportion of fees may be refunded in the following

• A refund of exam/registration fees where these have not yet been paid
by Skills & Learning to the awarding body
• A class is closed due to low attendance and/or where the number of
learners does not justify continuation of the class
• A learner is unable to continue for medical reasons; a medical
certificate or letter from a doctor must be supplied within three weeks
of the last class attended to support the request for a refund
• A full refund of fees will be made if a course is cancelled due to a
Service failure
Please note: Examination fees are non-refundable after the 14 day cancellation period has expired.

Learners should not turn up for any session without enrolling
Impact of Learning

Where you undertake a course which is fully or partially funded by public
funding you will be required to provide information on the impact of the
learning. This will be collected from you at your classes, online and/or by
telephone. You cannot opt out of this responsibility.

Please retain this information for reference purposes.
Please be aware that by enrolling on a course, learners are
accepting all of these Terms & Conditions.
All information correct at time of printing May 2018.

For a cancellation form please click here.